Holly's work combines traditional painting techniques and mixed media married with digital collage techniques to create a playful and tactile visual language.  All of her illustrations are individually hand-painted using gouache, colouring pencils, crayons and felt tip pens using only the wizardry of photoshop for compiling her images together.  


She is specialised in the children's picture book arena. Holly does not to limit herself to any one type of project, she takes on a variety of work and welcomes individual requests for bespoke, hand-painted artwork.




Magination Press, Hodder Publishing, Chronicle Books, Mallow & Marsh, Oxford University Press, Positiviteas, OCR Publishing, Magic Town, Kar-Ben Publishing, Storybookden, Carlton Publishing, Paragon Books, Orion Books, Templar, Lerner Publishing, Andersen Press, Learning A-Z Publishing, MPS North America LLC